Herbal extracts used in Nya Skin care

Amur Cork

(Phellodendron chinesis) Huang Bai
Bitter/Cold damp heat/reduce fire.

Good for skin infections, itchiness. Detoxifies. Good for acne.
#Cleansing Milk

Baical Skullcap

(Scutelleria Baicalensis Georgi) Huang qin
Bitter/cold. Cold herb. Brings down damp heat.

Improves circulation, balancing, bringing vitality. Removes toxins. Balances qi. Firming. Anti-biotic.

# Day Lotion5, Light Moisturiser1, Eye Nectar5, Hydrating Serum2, Cleansing Milk4, Exfoliating nectar, Rejuvenating Con.5.#

Chinese Angelica

(Angelica Sinensis) Dang gui root

Enhances circulation, enriches the blood.

# Calming Concentrate8#


(Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge) similar properties to sage
Blood stasis, menses.

Enhances blood flow especially round the eyes. (drooping eyes) Clears blood vessels. Improves circulation, anti-bacterial.

# Eye Cream3, Lip Elixir2, Calming Con.7,

Densefruit Pittany

(Dictamus Dasycarpus Turcz) Bai xian pi
Removes damp/heat. Red swollen/hot/pain.

Firming, good for circulation, inflammation.

#Eye Nectar6, Cleansing Milk3, Revival Dew4, Rejuvenating Conc.7.

Golden Thread

(Coptis Chinensis)Huang Lian
Bitter/Cold/Strong. Removes damp heat.

Anti inflammatory. Inflammation of eyes, eczema.

#Day Lotion6, Hydrating Serum4, Cleansing Milk7.

Gromwell Root Extract

(Lithospermum erythrorhizon) Zi Cao
Takes away heat/redness.

Important herb.  Removes heat from the blood.  Counteracts toxicity. Takes heat away from sensitive or hot or red irritated skin. For after sun lotion. Enlivens the skin. Cooling, soothing. Rebalance sensitive skin.

#Eye Make-up Remover7, Nourishing Serum3, Soothing Serum6

Hawthorn Fruit

(Crataegus pinnatifida bge) Shan Zha. Dried ripe fruit.
Sour/mild warming

Repairs the collagen of the skin. New research proving this.!!   Assists protein damage broken capillaries. Bioflavinoids. Improves blood supply.

#Day Cream2.

Light Yellow Sophora

(Sophora Flavescens ait root) Ku Shen, dried root.
Bitter/cool. Kills parasites (red nose, etc.) Removes damp heat.

Anti-bacterial, antibiotic, good for infections eczema, sores and itching, acne.

#Exfoliating Nectar4, Cleansing Nectar5.#


(Astragalus) Huang Qi

Tonic of Qi for the surface of the skin. Qi/Tonic creates vitality in the skin. Skin healthy and vital when sensitive skin has allergic reactions. (The body may react to chemicals, in food or pollutants, the body then produces ammonia acid through the skin causing it to redden, Astragalus goes into the skin to stop the chemical allergic reaction.)

#Soothing Serum1, Hydrating Serum3.#


San Qi
Sweet/little bitter/warming

Moves the blood circulation, increases healing, vitalising the skin. Used in many products, valued for enhancing circulation, bringing nutrients to the surface of the skin. For the preservation of life. Detoxifies the skin, decreasing cellular damage caused by external pollutants.

#Exfoliating nectar1, Lip Elixir1, Eye Cream1, Toning Dew2, Cleansing Milk3, Day Cream3, Day Lotion3, Revival Dew3, Revival Cream4, Eye Nectar4, Nourishing Serum7#


(Salvia officinalis) Di Yu dried root.

Refining, repels bacteria, assists secretory system. Soothing to minor skin blemishes. Helps refine pores. Hydrating.

# Calming Concentrate.

Sichuan Peppercorn

(Zanthoxylum Alatum)

Has a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system. Anti-allergic, relieves itching and excema. Helps calm hot/red/sensitive skin. Brings nutrition and smoothing.

#Eye Make-up Remover6, Nourishing Serum6


(Curcuma Longa)
If you press on the skin, the blood starts clotting, the skin starts to look darker. The cells will begin to die more easily. Tumeric gets the blood moving, gets the surface dirt away. Increases blood flow, brings blood to the surface enlivening the skin. Anti-oxidant, protects against environmental pollutants, reducing signs of aging. Gives smooth texture to the skin.

# Cleansing Milk10, Exfoliating Nectar8, Cleansing Nectar4, Day Cream9, Day Lotion 3,

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